Indian Government opens helpline for ASA students

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A sigh of relief at last. Indian Government has reacted sharply to the unpleasant news coming from American School of Aviation. Helpline for the stranded students and their parents in India has been set-up by the Ministry of Overseas Indian Affairs at last.

Minister for the overseas Indian affairs, Mr. Vayalar Ravi is taking personal interest over unfolding events at the American School of Aviation and his office is keeping a close tab on all the latest developments related to ASA. Ministry is in regular contact with US Department of Homeland Security over the issue.  Fortunately for the stranded students, the Department of Homeland Security spokeswoman



Virginia Kice has said they are under no pressure to leave the country upon expiration of their visas.

Typically, when a school closes, international students are given a five-month grace period in which to find a similar, accredited school where they can complete their studies. But in ASA’s case, the school closed virtually without notice. “The ICE is working with the State Department and authorities in India,” she said. “We are trying to find other schools with a comparable curriculum at a comparable cost.”

Here are the contact Details of Ministry of Overseas Indian Affairs. Students and their parents can either contact the officials by phone or emails given below.

Shri Vayalar Ravi


Minister of Overseas Indian Affairs







7, Safdarjung Road, New






Shri K. Mohandas




91-11-24674143 /44




Shri G Gurucharan [Financial Services Division]


Joint Secretary




Shri D.N. Srivastava [Diaspora Services Division]


Joint Secretary




Shri J. Panda[Overseas Employment Services Division]


Protector General of



+91-11-24197972 /26874250


Dr. Ranbir Singh [Emigration Division]


Director (EP)


+91-11-24197952 /26874247


Ms. Sandhya Shukla [Diaspora Services Division]




+91-11-24197918 /26874231


Dr. Shailja Sharma [Emigration Services]


Director (ES)


+91-11-24197952 /26874247


Shri N. Balasubramanyam [Diaspora Services Division]


Deputy Secretary




Shri. Mithilesh Kumar [Management Services-I]


Deputy Secretary(Admin.)


91-11- 24676145 /24197909


Shri K.B. Arora [Management Services-II]


Deputy Secretary (Vigilance)


91-11- 24197908 /24676146


T. Q. Mohammad [Financial Services]


Deputy Secretary (FS&Budget)


91-11-24197914 / 24676841


For General Queries

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  • S.D.Hegde,Mumbai

    Dear Sir,
    The authorities Of "ASA" closed the school from May 2008 (15th May ).
    They admitted my son on 1st May & took from hhim $41000 / = & they told school would not be closed. Now they are not returning the money & saying closing the business is not difficult in America & leaving innocent students stranded & their parents in deep worries.
    American Govt. immediately help giving some money to join other Flying school which will be returned to the Govt.after getting the money from "ASA" through court.
    Indian Minister in charge of this affairs has said he would look after the case & we hope immediate action from him & hope to receive a reply.
    It is the biggest aviation school scam in America.

  • S.D.Hegde,Mumbai


  • Gordon D'Mello

    Dear Sir
    My son Mikhail D'Mello joined ASA in Sep 2007. According to the contract they were to complete the course in 6-8 months. It is now over 10 months that the boy is there and they have not even completed the Private Pilot stage. They have USD 26,000 still lying with them from the 38,000 USD paid to them. Shifting the boy to another school is going to cost us another 30,000 USD, not including USD 600 per month as living expense. We have mortaged our homes to fulfill the boys dreams and career ambitions. How are we to organise such a huge sum again to complete the course? We plead that the government provide or organise some funds for these misfortunate aspiring young pilots of the age group 18-21. They are far too young to bear the trauma they have undergone, and some help from the government will be the only source to heal their wounds.

  • Gordon DMello

    Dear Sir
    My son Mikhail DMello joined ASA in Sep 2007 paying USD 38,000. The contract specified 6-8 months completion, but he has not even finished Private Pilot Stage. There is still USD 26,000 lying with ASA and shifting the boy to another school is going to cost us another USD 30,000. We have mortgaged our homes to fulfill our children's ambitions. How are we to organise such a huge amount again. We plead that the government help us in some way to fund these kids for the balance of their study. These kids of the age group 18-21 have undergone far too much trauma and help from your end to fulfill their ambitions will strengthen their aspirations of becoming dedicated and responsible pilots. We have no ability or capacity to take the culprits to task legally and seek help from the government on this front.

  • N.S.Ghumman

    Dear Sir
    My son Rajinder Pal Singh Ghumman joined ASA in Sept. 2007. Mrs.Ereny Kozman w/o Mr.(Prince)Manprit Singh,as a Vice President of ASA,gave a written undertaking that the student will complete studies not later than 08/30/2008.I borrowed the funds from all possible sources and paid full amount to the school.I understand that the school has diverted the money, charged from the students/parents to some other business,perhaps in Dubai.This amounts to cheating.The American Govt. is requested to make the payment to all the students so that they complete the training and get the CPL.A similar request is made to Indian authorities.The students/parents are under depression.The incident has tarnished the reputation of USA as well as the NRIs.

  • azeez shaikh

    respected sir ,
    i would like to introduce myself .my name is azeez shaikh i also was a student of american school of avaition . i enrolled myself for commerical pilot course (sftp) at asa in march . i paid full fees in advance for my course amount 37999$ . my family arranged this funds for me by morgageing our house in mumbai . now the school says they dont have any money to refund and that they cant even provide us training .even after takeing full fees in advance . i was working as cabin crew with qatar airways i resinged from my job and also put all my savings in it. now i dont see any futur for my self as i have not recieved any training and no refund . i had total 34000$ amount in my school account when the school shut its door on all of us. the school says they dont have money with them which they took for our pilot training .the school had signed a contract with all the students according to which they had agreed to pay us refund in case they cannot provide training .where has the money gone in case?now how can i repay my loan? i dont see any hope ahead . i request indian government to help us all .they should also investigate about any funds transfered my manpreet singh and reny kozmen (asa owner ) to india. how can there be no law in united states to regulate pilot training and prevent innocent students from being looted . most the students have lost everything they had . request the indian government to help us in this crises and work with american government to investigate the funds .

  • Rakesh Nakade

    Respected Sir,

    I am Rakesh Kumar Nakade, a Student of ASA. I enrolled in february for the commercial pilot training(SFTP-INDIA) in ASA. The School stopped operations on the 15th may .I paid 37999$ for my training .For this I took a SBI Career Loan by morgaging my family's house, assigning LIC policies and with great difficulty my family arranged the remaining amount.I have not recieved any training and neither have I recieved any refund.I had 31000$ in my school account when it closed and now school is saying that they don't have money for refund.
    Now i dont have money for my training and how am I supposed to repay my loan .This is a big question for me because my parents also don't have that much money to repay the loan amount.
    If I dont repay the loan the bank will take my house away. I will have nowhere to go and no support. Even all my investments in policies are gone. I have absolutely nothing left with me. I fear for the worst. I do not want my family to suffer for the criminal motives of prince aka manpreet singh and ereny kozman.

    Please understand our situation and please do come to our help. We have hope that you will help us.

  • Mothi.P.Krupasankar

    My son Sashank Mothi.K joined ASA in Nov 2007. According to the contract they were to complete the course in 6-10 months. It is now over 8 months that the boy is there and they have not even completed the Private Pilot stage. They have USD 25,596.70 still lying with them from the 38,000 USD paid to them. Shifting the boy to another school is going to cost us another 30,000 USD, not including USD 600 per month as living expense. We have mortaged our homes to fulfill the boys dreams and career ambitions. If this a bussiness loss the brunt should be taken by the owner and if it is fraud the culprits should be punished under law. Initiating a law suit seems difficult because the students are young and are unable to take decisions on thier own.We plead that the government provide or organise some funds for these misfortunate aspiring young pilots of the age group 18-21. They are far too young to bear the trauma they have undergone, and some help from the government will be the only source to heal their wounds. and help them file a suit using your good office.

  • Navaneetham

    My son Arun Navaneetham, joined ASA during June 2007 end for KFA course with a fee of $ 44,000 and spend 1 year before the school uprupt closure. He has not completed even 40% of the course, whereas he should have completed the whole coures in 8-10 months as committed by ASA. ASA has $ 26,000 in his account during the closure time.

    Now he need to spend another $35,000 money and 6 months time to complete his course in an nearby flight school.

    If Indian Goverment can do investigaton on ASA and trace the looted money by ASA, it will be of great help to getback some money for all students in the continuation of their course elshewhere.

    Dear Mininster, I have already send you more detailed email to you regarding this case, and thanking you for looking to it personaly as per the news. Request you once again to apply more pressure from your side to ease the finance of the students/parents, in this respect.

    Thanks again.

  • Gurpal Kainth

    I am Gurpal Singh Kainth and had joined ASA on March 2008.I arrived at ASa In February.I was promised by Ereny Kozman a quick completion of my Comercial Pilot course within 12 months.But the way my schedules were given to me i only completed 8 hours of flying with 4 instructors changed until may 15 after which the school was shut down. I paid $37994 USD in total and my balance remaining with the school is $USD 31480 as of date.
    Now i dont have enough money to survive or even pay for my accomodation as we were asked to vacate the hostel which was provided by the school for no fault of ours but unpaid power and water bills by the school.My I 20 is also going to be invalid by the end of july and i will have to leave USA with no Refund so far.

    This is not fair and i hope the government does something about this.

    I have taken a loan against my mortgage on my home,resigned my permanent job and also sold my car to cover few expenses.I have a family of 3 to suppport and no income source from my side.I have old parents to tend to as well.

    I am upset,distressed and annoyed at the owners of this school.I feel cheated and duped too.

  • Anirudh Deshpande

    Respected Sir,
    I am Anirudh Deshpande. I enrolled in American School Of aviation in september 2007. I am selected as KFA cadet and i paid $44,000 to the school upfront.My parents morgage our property and took a loan for the tutuion fees.I was there for 10 months and i just completed with my Private Pilot traning instead i shpuld have done with my traning. On May 15th the school closed down saying that the school is restruturing and shifting to new building.
    I have $30,000 left in my school account. We were also evicted from our hostel 'barracks' due to non payment of electricity bills.
    Now i 'm back in india to appear for DGCA october exams and support the parents and the students of ASA. We have been cheated.
    I feel upset and cheated .
    I request you to please look into this matter and help us in getting justice.

  • gautam

    Dude, did you tell them you are from New Zealand?

  • KFA Cadet

    Dr. Mallya, KFA told some of the students they will help, how will you help us?

  • Nazlin Dhamani

    Respected Sir,
    I am Nazlin Dhamani . I joined American school of Aviation in August 2007. I have been in this school for about 11 months now and i have only 60 hrs . I have not got my private license yet. I am a KFA cadet pilot and i had paid the school 37,994 dollars upfront. I have 19,000 dollars with the school.I had taken a loan against my father's property. The school closed on May 15th . We were told that it is closing for renovation which was lie by our owner PRINCE SINGH(MANPREET SINGH) and his wife ERENY KOZMAN. According to Prince and Ereny the school was suppose to open on the second of june . But the school never reopened. The actual thing was PRINCE had not paid the fuel bills and the airplane insurance. While all this was going on Prince had called for a meeting in the first week of june somewhere around the 4-5th of june in which he said all the students who are in private stage 3 can start their flying. This flying for private stage 3 students went on for just one day. Another fake promise by Prince Singh. After this he had called for another meeting on the 10-11th of june in which when asked by the student about the barracks, he said there will be no problems regarding the barracks and we all can stay in the barracks which was again a lie . Prince had earlier got a notice from the castle commerce center a month back because he had not paid the barracks water, rent and electricity bills . Just a few days after the meeting with Prince Singh, we got a notice from the castle commerce centre on the 25th of june to vacate the place where we were staying within 48 hrs. We had no place to stay and no food . The very next day i.e the 26th of June Prince singh called for a meeting in our housing area . There he proposed another fake promise, saying he is shifting the school to another airforce base (did not mention the name of the new base) and toold all those who want to continue with the school should shift to the new base earliest possible. He also said that he will write an email to all of us officially mentioning the new airport's name , but we never received any such email. And now we have landed in a situation where we have no money and no license . We have been cheated . We are all looking forward to the Indian government and the USA government for the help in this matter.

  • Leopold

    I am Leopold Arambam from Manipur, India. So far till now there are very less people from north eastern region to take up pilot as profession. The region being, the financial condition, lack of opportunity or not informed. The majority of the people living in these north eastern regions are middle class family and many below poverty line. We have to take a immense decision in order to step into this field. Since the national banks came up with the policy of providing education loans to the aspiring youngsters, I took this opportunity to follow my dreams.
    My parents are govt. employees and they are well professionals in their field. My Mum is a doctorate in Horticulture (Associate Professor in Agriculture university) and my Dad is the child welfare officer in social welf dept. and holds double MA in bioscience and human resources. They cannot afford to send me for the pilot training in US being a middle class family of 5 ( I have 2 more siblings). So i took educational loan and came here, mortgaging the family property hoping that I will get a FAA cpl and go back home and get a job and will be able to return the money back to the bank.
    Now the situation at present is a NIGHTMARE. The school shut down and on the top of that “The Authority” isn’t ready to give back $24000 left in the account. They did promise the students before coming to US that the course will be completed in 6-8 months. I have been here for more than 10 months now and I haven’t got my Private license yet. I don’t doubt the training I got. The school was good at maintain standards but very slow and worse before shutting down. I was with the school till the end as I didn’t want to loose that big sum of mine even though it takes me ages to complete my course. The school declared “shut down” at the end with a final goodbye message sent to all the students.
    Right now I am stuck at the moment neither wanting to go back home at the same time, having little hope to still follow my dreams. Many of my friends have left the country due to financial reasons and I doubt I am going to do the same.
    If anyone is reading this, please have some mercy on us and help us. There are 100 + students and many like me , who are stranded due to the school closure.

  • Mani.C

    My daughter Niranjana Mani ,aged 22,an engineering graduate with distinction secured an employment TCS in India with Rs.30000/= +salary. On seeing the news in daily of the KFA-ASA tie up for pilot training she was very interested and applied for the same She attended the interviewwith KFA at Mumbai and
    got selected. Subsequently KFA issued a letter of intent advising her to join fo training with ASA at California,US at her own cost with a assurance of job after succesful completion of cpl and subsequent convertion with DGCA. Since KFA had a tieup with ASA for training their pilots we thought that the flying school was good and made upfront payment of 46000USD AND joined during Auguest 2007.Reny
    promised us the training will be completed well within 10 months. We also spent 15000USD towards living expenses till now. In fact the charges for KFA pilot trainees is 8000 USD more than the normal trinees.Now she has obtained only PPL,even after the lapse of 10 months(due to insufficient aircrafts,instructors,delayed stage checks,postyponement of schedules etc) All of a sudden ASA stopped their flight training and in few days latter announced their closure without providing alternate arrangements or refund of the cousrse paid. My daughter and all other pilot trinees suffered alot in locating a new school . Even now we are very worried about her future just like other parents.
    If Manpeert Singh( self styled prince) is a true Sikh and has true faith in his religion he should not have cheated and put his country children in such difficulties in foreign land. I really feel that Manpreet and Reny planned to rob th innocents. The tie up with KFA made their task easier.
    I earnestly appeal to Indian and US Governments to act swiftly and initiate actions against Manpreet singh and his so called wife Reny and provide relief to the budding indian pilot trainees.

  • Ilyas Ahmed Sharif

    Respected Sir,

    I, father of Nauman Ahmed Sharif, among one of the ill-fate students of ASA, would like to put the following facts for your knowledge and action. Your help will really give a sigh of relief and satisfaction to all the ASA students and parents who are in state of tention and trauma since mid May 2008.

    We have paid lump-sum fee of around $ 40,000/- to complete CPL training within 6-8 months time as promised by ASA. My son was enrolled in April 2007 and was just short of about 3-4 weeks training to complete his CPL. In the meantime, the school played this fraudulent game and his training stuck-up since then. The school owed us around US$ 6,000/-, they are neither paying this amount back nor they are in a position to complete the remainder of the training.

    To join another school for the completion of the training will cost around US$ 10,000/- which is in fact unaffordable for a father of 6 children who is working in KSA for a salary of $ 1,400/- per month. I pray your interest in this case bring some fruitful result. All the parents, majority of them all are from the middle class are already mortgaged their property and invested all their hard earned money will pray for your prosperity and good health.

    I should be very much thankful for your help and interest in handling this case. May God help you and give a good reward for this.

    With my best regards,

    Ilyas Ahmed Sharif
    F/O Nauman Ahmed Sharif

  • pilot747

    Prince Singh had previously cheated the American government in 1996 when he lied in the court that he feared prosecution by Indian Goverment and applied for political asylum to be able to live in the US.

  • Arun

    This is about a friend of mine, who gave his house to get the money for his studies and now not in a position to speak out.

  • K.Ganesh.KINI

    Dear sir,
    my son k.ajay.kini, 17 years old national champion in car racing and at present priemium no one driver in wsrf team headed by karun chandok father vicky chandok and f-!driver naren kartikeyanselected my son in his team called amaron speed naren karthikeyan team he finished in 2nd in formula hundai and formula maruthi in year 2007, he has been selected by kingfisher airlines for cadet traning programme and i have paid 38000/-dollars to asa. i have borrowed money from from my bank idbi ltd, now my monthly interest around 22000/- is deucted from my salary due to this i am unable tofeed my family and again i have borrow for further study or finish the pilot traning at usa, sir kindly help us to at least to get back our hard earn monye from asa andtill then instruct the banks not to collect interest and extend morotorium period and till period not to collcet the interest from parents.also try for f1 visa for the student at least they can work at usa and earn some money for their studies, i hope thatb youwill definetly understand our flights and kindly help us.

  • pilot 777

    Just to add Prince Singh has a family history of cheating. His grandfather in India a long time back was thrashed by a mob"huge mass of people" in a remote village in Punjab when he cheated them and tried to run away with people's money on the name of committee system. So if Prince Singh is doing this. It quite understandable.

  • Bhavana Naik


    Its really quite understandable about Manpreet Singh… I think we should be ready to THRASH him tooooo………..

    What do you say???

  • Malcolm

    I know that Ereny Kozman has a US citizen husband through whom she applied for US green card. It is one more feather to the cap of CRIMES against the US government committed by the duo by lying under oath about her marriage, while she has deserted her husband and lives with Prince.



  • echo yankee

    Advice from the sideline:

    Only two things are required, your desire and strong enough intention to carry it out. Rest will follow. Think hard, doors can be flung wide open and anything can happen. Been there, done that myself too.

    Echo Yankee, over & out!


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