Pine Konez goes on line for proud Sanawarians!

Pine Konez have been serving
proud Sanawarians, Kasauli Club, Educational Institutions, 14 Gorkha Training Centre Sabathu, Indian Air Force and Kasauli lovers for the past 10 years. Growing demand for our products and inability of our valued customers scattered worldwide to visit Kasauli & Sanawar frequently has encouraged us to go online with our unique range of products which are tribute to this wonderful nostalgic hill station. Now you can choose their wide range of souvenirs from anywhere in the world just by logging into and choose the product of your choice and they’ll post it within no time. Pine Konez, Sanawar can be contacted by phone also. Please call between 9:00 AM – 20:00 PM (Indian Standard Time).

Contact Person: Arvind Attri

Tel. NO. +91 1792 272434

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