I think many of us on the blog echo your outrage saying “WHY ON EARTH IS THE AMERICAN POLICE NOT ARRESTING THESE FREAKS…PLEASE DO SOMETHING ON THAT REGARD..” believe me we’re all trying and doing just that. American police we call them county sheriff here works with their set of priorities then set at any given time and they are not so quick to jump the guns so to speak on every case that falls into their doorsteps. We’ve been trying to push the case to their higher priority as you could read in my and other’s earlier posts.

Worry not, the justice will be served one way or the other without fail. We could leave that to the US judicial system and if not to our all mighty boomerang system. Either way, it’ll get done. You watch.

Now since putting the perpetrators behind bars won’t deliver a dime to the students and their parents (or, is it 10 PAISE in your homeland?) and we are equally or even more interested in how to recover the lost student’s funds in the meantime. Dealing with this isn’t quite easy because lawyers often come into play. Some are like magicians as even a simple black and white matter can be gradually changed to gray and before you know it, it’ll be completely changed to the opposite color in the hands of a skilled lawyer.

But worry not, a half the lawyers lose their cases, so everyone has a 50% chance of success to begin with, we just have to build a strong enough case that holds water and find holes in other’s. It can be done. It’s not easy but not as hard as clearing the IIT entrance exam in your homeland, IMHO.

Stay tuned on this channel for more ASA latest.

Echo yankee, out!

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