A student replies to Reny Kozman’s email.

This post is a reply to Reny Kozman’s email which was published in SecondCity. To view that email please go to Story from the other side (part II). Reny Kozman responds to widespread criticism.

Ravi Hegde Writes,

tell me how does this explain the following questions:
1. u take my money in may 08 . and say that u don’t have it in June 08. wherein I have not had any second of a flight.. except for a kit, and some TSA paperwork?

2. that u take money from a student while the school was closed [rahul and arun of my batch], and not returning it.

3. that u keep a girl, Ann, in hostile conditions in your home for some days, not let her meet anyone, tell her school is closed for summer vacations, take her money also..

4. that u say, i don’t have your money and that’s the way how business is done..
welcome to America, welcome to real world.

5. that u say, I DON’T HAVE UR MONEY.. WHAT DOES THAT MEAN.. that i dint give u money to spend on ur camel smokes and beer but for my education.

6. that our parents suffering health problems by hearing to all this.

7. that u not returning our money has jeopardized our careers, our loans that are on mortgaged property, that we have to repay the loan by some other source.. but not utilize it for purpose it was taken for,

8. that we stand to lose our houses and come on streets… and u and Ur partner enjoy a life on some1 else’s hard earned lifetime money and smoke and drink…

if u have legitimate answers to this.. please open up..

ravi hegde.

Dan Winther
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