Shame over foreign students in Melbourne

RACIST attacks, second-rate colleges, greedy landlords and low-paid jobs are making life a misery for many foreign students in Melbourne.

Seventeen foreign students died in Victoria in the past year from boarding home fires, murders, car crashes and drownings.

A savage assault on student taxi driver Jalvinder Singh two months ago has led to warnings by the Indian press that racist attacks in Melbourne are on the rise.
A group of landlords, including one man who owns 70 houses, are cashing in, with some charging weekly rates of $85 a head when up to 14 students live in one house.

Eight private “colleges” catering to foreign students have been forced to shut their doors in the past three years for failing to meet educational standards.

Thousands of foreign students are driving cabs or doing $5-an-hour menial jobs to afford their education.
Growing racism has resulted in attacks on foreign students. Eight Indian students had been assaulted in Melbourne in the past month. Two returned to India in fear.

Dan Winther
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