ABTA sleeps over while ACEROOMS.COM openly steals credit card data of users for fraudulent charges

Its a routine story these days. Every other day you come across travel sites which are using their database of previously done credit card transactions to fraudulently charge those credit cards again and again. I was surprised to know that recent scam site identified by Uk Police special cyber crime cell is none other than but an ABTA member (Membership Number Y304X) ACEROOMS.COM.

ImageThis site is being operated from undisclosed location while the given address on the site (78 York Street) is merely a virtual office to fool the customers. Phone number is also some kind of call forwarding number easily available in United Kingdom for as little as 10 GBP per month. Usually they do respond to your phone calls by the name of Paul (male) or Pam (female). Accent is not British at all. Domain administrative details has someone named Ashwin Pattani (An Indian name) with the same call forwarding number as given on their web site.

Most of the bookings done on this site are either bounced or no such booking exists in the hotel’s database and their vouchers are nothing but a piece of paper which can put you in lot of trouble in a foreign land. SecondCity was first contacted by few travel agents from Turkey who complained about this scam site when a group booking done on acerooms was not honored by a very famous hotel A One Royal Cruise Pattaya last year. Since than complaints keep growing and company continued usual practice of robbing dozens of travel agents worldwide right under the nose of ABTA.

A recent incident where a person in India reported the matter to UK Police who previously used their site was robbed of US$557.00 in the name of some cancellation charges. Acerooms denied the whole charge and reiterated that they can use their data of credit cards by law and their lawyers are ready to face any such complaint.

Its very interesting to see whether ABTA takes note of complaints against this scam site and put these people to justice which are robbing travel fraternity since long long time. For the time being Travel Agents and Travellers please stay away from this scam site for the good of your business and holidays. Happy holidaying!!!!

Dan Winther
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