Travel photography using smartphone camera might ruin everything

Smartphones are in trends today but travel photography is serious business.

You’ve spent your hard-earned money on that cool new smartphone. You are traveling in a strange city, hoping to get great pictures for your social accounts. Be sure you return home with that smartphone of yours, and those pictures, intact. But we do have one more suggestion for you. Carrying a backup camera or laptop along can turn your travel photography into a whole new digital experience!

Travel Photography with your smartphone.

Few Reasons why you should never use smartphone for your travel photography

Smartphones are great devices that have made travel photography simple and enjoyable to countless people. They make taking and sharing photos easier and more economical than film could ever do, but using a smartphone while traveling may not be optimized as-is straight from the retail packaging. It needs to be accessorized. Smartphones are great devices that make taking and sharing photographs faster, and, let’s face it, cheaper than ever before. Although they may be great on their own, a few key accessories can make them even more convenient, practical, and enjoyable to use.

What are the core reasons behind one should avoid smartphone use for travel photography

Most Smartphones are sold with either a removable flash memory cards or they rely on inbuilt memory which is not enough.
The problem with your sole dependence on smartphone camera is that the included memory may not be the best for many practical uses, and will need to be upgraded by the end user immediately.

What are the other options available if I do not have any Single Lens Reflex Camera (SLR)

Carrying your laptop along while traveling is very useful as in case of limited flash memory in your smartphone can ruin your holidays. You’ll not be able to click all the pictures you wanted to record. Even some of the travelers usually decrease the resolution of pictures so that they can click more pictures and end up loosing size, real colors and quality of the moment captured.
After a hectic day one can sit back in the comfort of their hotel room and look at the precious moments captured and transfer those images to their laptop and refresh the phone memory for the next day. For extra safety, these pictures than can be stored in a cloud server or on social account so that in case of any kind of damage to your laptop or theft will not ruin the graphic recordings of your holidays.

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